Programming Adventure

There have been a few times in the past couple of years that I have attempted to “become a programmer” by googling tutorials for a language that I found intriguing.   This never worked out for me… Something always tore my attention away like family, puppy, video games, other hobbies, etc.

Time to try again!

Hmmm… how to keep myself engaged while learning how to become a programmer this time???  I know!  I’ll start a blog and write about all the cool new things that I’m learning to help keep myself on track and motivated.  I can also use the blog as a type of note taking so I can go back and look at projects/code that I use.

Oh yeah, I also started going back to school to get a bachelors degree in Software Development from Western Governors University (WGU)!  Paying for education is always a great way to keep your motivational levels up!  If anyone reading this is interested in going back to school and are self motivated, I would highly recommend WGU.  It’s completely online so you can control all aspects of when you study and take tests.  “Semesters” are 6 months long, require finishing 12 credits per semester (super easy as most classes are 4+ credits at WGU), cost a flat rate of roughly $3k, and you get access to ALL of your classes during that 6 month window!  They train on a “competency” type system which allows you to basically test out of classes you might have previous knowledge in so you don’t have to sit through them for an entire semester.  This helps me a ton since I’ve been in the IT industry for quite a while, I was able to test out of 3 classes in the very first week I was enrolled (I can probably test out of a few more pretty quick, but just haven’t gotten to it yet).  **I am in no way affiliated with the school, I just think it’s really cool**

OK, back to the project at hand…. I will be using this blog to discuss projects that I work on and little tips and tricks that I come across in the deepest, darkest corners of the internet… and in college classrooms.

  1. I don’t think that paying for education is an absolutely necessary part of this project, just absolutely necessary for me.  If I’m spending money, I will get the most out of that money (no matter what I’m doing).  If I’m doing something for free, it’s easy for me to brush it off.
  2. Writing about things that you learn is a great way to engrain them into your memory.  This is similar to “talking it out” with people, but since I’m doing this online, I don’t really have a class of fellow students to talk to.  Writing it down is absolutely critical for this process no matter who you are.  It reinforces knowledge, makes you review previous work, and helps you to “learn” it instead of memorizing it for a single project and then letting it leak out of your brain.
  3. Have fun!  Come up with your own little projects or things to try on your local machine.  It’s so cool when you write a little app that actually does something!  My first project (that I will discuss in my next post) was a little script that creates a backup folder with the current date and “backup” (03.18.2017-backup), then moves certain files from one location into this backup folder.  It’s so cool to see that just a few lines of code that I wrote actually automating something that I used to do by hand!!!


Alright, signing off for now fellow knowledge seekers.


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