I’m a Software Dev now! (new job)

Hello fellow knowledge seekers!

Sorry I’ve been gone for so long, it’s been a hectic handful of months (OK fine, year).  Since I started this blog, the company I worked for was purchased in a multi-billion dollar merger and it kind of threw my world into a tail spin.  I was a technical account manager for a large software company and had been dreading the position for quite some time, the merger just made it that much worse, which kind of put me off writing for a while.

Now, a large reason for starting this blog was so that I could change my career path.  I was going to use this blog as a way to keep myself engaged in learning a programming language so I could move over to the development world.  As you can see, I have been severely lacking in writing in my blog, although this has not stopped me from chasing after my dream (of becoming a software developer).

Well I was a lucky son-of-a-B again with my career this past year and I landed an entry level development position with the same company I was already working at!  Well, technically a different company since we were purchased, but I didn’t get fired!  Not only did they agree to hire me in the development department, but they hired me knowing that I didn’t have any background experience and I would be spending much of the next year ramping up and learning the languages that we use while trying to still provide some type of usefulness to the team.

Our software has a premise solution and a cloud solution.  I was hired into our premise development team as an install developer.  This means I basically get to work with Windows Installer through the WiX (Windows Installer XML) platform.  Now I can hear a lot of you groaning that XML isn’t really a programming language and this doesn’t count.  Well on top of dealing with WiX installers, I am also writing a significant amount of C++ code! So HA!

I moved over to this role around November of 2017 and have spent the last 4+ months getting up to speed, which I found to be significantly easier than anticipated.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m no Bach in the programming world, but I’m learning to stand on my own two feet.

Moving forward, I’m going to use this blog to discuss different aspects of WiX and C++ that I am learning.  As I learn more, I would like to share my knowledge with others, although not completely unselfishly.  As I write tutorials and help teach others, it will help strengthen my knowledge as well, hopefully improving everyone’s lives at the same time.

Until we meet again!



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