Java Intro

Ooook.  This first one isn’t going to get into any of the nitty-gritty about Java, not even a “hello world” application yet.  I’m going to start off with some super fun stuff, history! So maybe not super fun, but I find it interesting and worth sharing.

Java was originally developed in 1991 by a Sun Microsystems team nicknamed “The Green Team.”  This team saw the future of computing being a marriage between consumer goods and networks (almost like the first seeds of the IoT).

The team presented their language in the form of an interactive television remote which turned out to be well too far ahead of its time to actually go into implementation.  The team spend the next few years improving their technology.

In 1995, the first large breakthrough came with the implementation of Java into the Netscape Navigator browser and there’s been no looking back.

Ok, enough stalling, starting to dig in now.


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