Amazon AWS – yay or nay?

AWS is freaking everywhere!  I signed up for a free AWS account a few years ago so I could work on an Alexa project but only used it for the tiny piece of the project and then put it out of my mind.  Since then, I’ve gotten hundreds of emails from Amazon regarding new AWS features, training seminars, and much more.

EDIT: Actually got an email from AWS as I was writing this post! They’re an unstoppable force of brilliant minds that never slows down on doing new stuff!


The company I currently work for has adopted a “cloud first” approach which makes a lot of us developers on the premise side of the house a little nervous.  My director suggested picking up some AWS certifications (at least the easier entry level ones for now) to help improve employment viability in the future.

So naturally I consult the oracles (aka: I googled) to determine how all encompassing AWS really is.

Let me tell you… It’s everywhere, it came out of nowhere, and looks like it’s sticking around.  Ok, so…  I may have exaggerated a bit, it wasn’t really “out of nowhere” but it was pretty quick and became the powerhouse in the space within 5 years of launching (they also kind of started the space).

Here’s a quick rundown of the history of AWS.  The big takeaway here is that from when it officially launched as AWS to generating over $13 billion in revenue took just shy of 10 years… Even with a behemoth like Amazon backing you, generating a multi billion dollar company in 10 years is highly impressive.

  • 2003 – two employees presented what they think the Amazon internal infrastructure should look like.  They prepared a business case which suggested selling it as a service.
  • 2004 – SQS (simple queue service) launched.  First iteration of AWS.
  • 2006 – AWS officially launches.
  • 2007 – over 180,000 developers on platform.
  • 2010 – all of moved over.
  • 2012 – first re:Invent conference.
  • 2013 – certifications launched.
  • 2014 – committed to achieve 100% renewable energy usage for global footprint.
  • 2015 – AWS breaks out revenue: $6 billion USD per annum and growing close to 90% per year.
  • 2016 – revenue of 13 billion dollars.
  • 2017 – AWS re:invent releases host of AI services as well as VR services.


Here is the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service, Worldwide.  If you look at my sweet orange arrows, you can see that AWS is the highest and furthest right on the quadrant which means they’re basically super awesome at what they do.  They are the undisputed leaders in this area.  Microsoft and Google, two of the largest companies in the world, are trailing behind AWS significantly.



After researching the history of AWS and checking their AWS Gartner status, my opinion is to DEFINITELY pick up as much AWS knowledge as you can, as quickly as you can.  Eventually AWS will be as widespread as Windows and everyone and their mom is going to have certifications and experience.  If you want to get a piece of this sweet pie before it’s all gone, I would suggest jumping in ASAP.

I am currently taking the following AWS course on Udemy to prep for the AWS Certified Developer – Associate certification and it’s pretty awesome.  The instructor is well spoken and is very easy to follow.

NOTE: the above AWS course is on sale for $10 right now and usually goes for $145.  The Udemy sale is going until the end of 4/2/18.   But they do sales all the time so another one will come up before too long.

NOTE 2: The link posted above is not an affiliate link.  I get no money or discounts from Udemy or the instructor for any of the classes.

Alright everyone, I’m logging off for now.  Gotta go do my AWS coursework so I can get that sweet certification!  Keep pushing forward fellow knowledge seekers!



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