Naming Things

Hello knowledge seekers!

I wanted to throw this quick post out there that covers how to name certain things while you’re programming.   This isn’t a technical requirement, and your code will still work if you ignore this, but it’s considered best practice.  We want to be the best right?

Functions are typically named in Pascal Case.  This means that every word of the function starts with a capital letter.  Example:  ThisIsMyFunction()

Variables are typically named in Camel Case.  This means that the first word in the variable is all lower case and each subsequent word has its first letter capitalized.  Example: thisIsMyVariable

Variables can also be named with an Underscore Notation.  The entire variable is lower case and an underscore separates each word.  Example: this_is_my_variable


That’s all I’ve got for this one.

Keep it simple everyone.

Vigillance out….



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