A bit about this blog…

In its purest form, this blog is to share knowledge in regards to IT/Software/Programming.  I find that when I learn something new, I can solidify it best by helping teach it to someone else.  As I pick up new skills or learn new tricks, I will be using this blog to help share them with a wider audience.  My areas of focus are WiX (Windows Installer XML) C++, Java, and Python.  Other topics are sure to be scattered about.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m no expert in these fields and a lot of my discussions will be around my experiences as a beginner going through tutorials and other educational material on these topics.

A bit about me…

At the time of this writing, I am a 30 year old dude starting a new career in software development with very little previous experience (in software dev).

I have been in the IT industry on and off since I was about 15 years old (my father and uncle both owned IT related companies).  I joined the military at 22 and was enlisted as an IT specialist in the Army National Guard for 6 years.  I have also attempted to go back to school for different degrees here and there.  I am currently enrolled in a Software Development program and will hopefully complete it this time around.

I am a tennis playing, golf attempting, fiance and puppy dad trying to bring a bit more enlightenment to my area of employment.  Hope you enjoy!