Naming Things

Hello knowledge seekers! I wanted to throw this quick post out there that covers how to name certain things while you’re programming.   This isn’t a technical requirement, and your code will still work if you ignore this, but it’s considered best practice.  We want to be the best right? Functions are typically named in Pascal […]

Lesson 2: Let’s Say Hi!

Yo yo yo! You guys ready for some actual coding now?  Of course we’re going to start with “Hello World!” First, open up Eclipse. It will ask you for a workspace location.  I just used the default and selected the “always use this and do not prompt” option so it doesn’t come up every single […]

Java Intro

Ooook.  This first one isn’t going to get into any of the nitty-gritty about Java, not even a “hello world” application yet.  I’m going to start off with some super fun stuff, history! So maybe not super fun, but I find it interesting and worth sharing. Java was originally developed in 1991 by a Sun […]

Javaaaaa! Starting my quest…

Ok so here we go.  I’m going to start learning Java.  I’ve never worked with Java.  I think I may have seen one page of code in Java. I had absolutely no idea what it did… As I progress through the tutorials and other training material that I have gathered, I will be posting my […]