Lesson 7: Hands On Project!

So, we’ve talked a lot about variables and a few other things so far.  Let’s go ahead and put them together in a quick project. We’re going to make a small application that accepts an integer value from the user and increases it by a static amount. Let’s start off by creating a new project.  […]

Lesson 6: Constant Variables

This one should be pretty short and to the point.  I just wanted to take a few minutes and discuss constant variables. So far, we have discussed variables that could be initialized to something and then modified later.  As an example, by arithmetic operators. In the following example, we can see that we initialize the […]

Lesson 5: Variables – Data Types!

Thought we were done talking about variables?  NOT! Variables are an extremely important part of programming in general and we are going to spend just a wee bit more time discussing them. In our last lesson, I provided a list of variable types.  I’m going to expand on that list here and provide some examples. […]

Lesson 4: Variables

If you’re exceptionally clever, you’ve probably come up with some questions by now. Something like: “Do we have to explicitly write out what we want to print like in the hello world lesson?” or “iostream means input/output stream, does that mean we can get input from the user and store that information somehow?” Wait… you […]

Lesson 3: Breaking down our first program

Now let’s break down the code we see in our HelloWorld.cpp file. #include “stdafx.h” #include <iostream> int main() { std::cout << “Hello Beautiful World of Programming” << std::endl; return 0; }   Main() The big kahuna here is the “main” function.  This is the main body of our program.  The execution of said program will […]

Naming Things

Hello knowledge seekers! I wanted to throw this quick post out there that covers how to name certain things while you’re programming.   This isn’t a technical requirement, and your code will still work if you ignore this, but it’s considered best practice.  We want to be the best right? Functions are typically named in Pascal […]